Nicole Scherer

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Australian Open: ACE2021

ACE2021 (Art Community Engagement)

Nicole Scherer (Curator/Visionary/Creative Director),
Tom Nickeas & Lillian Cutts (Art Direction & Motion),
Jessie Oliver (Senior Designer), Herschel Kissinger (Copywriting).

In 2020, back-to-back lockdowns left Melbourne’s bustling streets bare,
leaving street artists without a canvas. It was a year of challenge and loss,
but through it all creativity prevailed.

In a world first we transformed a tennis event into a street art exhibition which also was
the first during a COVID challenged world. ACE provided a stage for 15 world-renowned artists
who exhibited and transformed on-site hoardings into canvases
which breathed new life into a city once famous for not only sport
but creative culture and giving them a much-needed platform for their work to be seen.

Featuring Arkie Barton, Dvate, David Lee Pereira, George Rose,
House of Meggs, Justine McAllister, Mike Makatron, Minna Leunig, Nicki Killick,
Nick Azidis, Paink, Rose Staff, and Robert Michael & Lyn-Al Young.

Sensitive to the crowd restrictions that were placed on the event,
for those unable to see the exhibition in person, the gallery experience was captured
and repurposed online for all to around the world.

The exhibition took off, achieving global coverage through broadcast and PR
and to our delight was even shared organically by some of the biggest names in the game,
including Novak Djokovic, Naomi Osaka, Ash Barty and Rafael Nadal.

The project helped kick Melbourne’s artistic community back into gear,
sparking a post COVID renaissance which gave hope for a new cultural chapter for the city.
Thank you to everybody involved to make it happen!

ACE2021. See what Melbourne makes.



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Live on Channel 9. Broadcast & Public Relations.


Artwork by: David Lee Pereira;
Artwork by: George Rose @george_rose
Artwork by: George Rose @george_rose
Artwork by: David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke; @houseofmeggsPhotography by: Holly Hawkins; @hollyhawkinsphoto
Artwork by: David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke; @houseofmeggs
German team before ATP CUP. Artwork by: David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke; @houseofmeggs
Artwork by: David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke; @houseofmeggs
Artwork by: Jimmy Dvate; @dvate
Artwork by: Paink; @paink_artist
Artwork by: Paink; @paink_artist
Artwork by: Paink; @paink_artist
Artwork by: Paink; @paink_artist
Artwork by: Mike Makatron @mike.makatron
Artwork by: Mike Makatron @mike.makatron
Artwork by: Hayden Dewar; @hayden_dewar_artist
Artwork by: RMY; @robertmichaelyoung
Artwork by: RMY; @robertmichaelyoung
Artwork by: Justine McAllister; @justinemcallister
Artwork by: Nixi Killick; @ nixikillick
Artwork by: Rose Staff; @rosesugarlove & Nick Azidis; @nickazidis | Print: Milkbar; @m.i.l.k.b.a
Artwork by: Nick Azidis; @nickazidis & Peter Walker; @vjasterix
Left to right, top: Paink, GT (Milkbar), Mike Makatron, Nick Azidis, Rose Staff. Left to right, bottom: George Rose, Arkie Barton, David 'MEGGS' Hooke.


ACE2021. Photo Gallery.

Photography Credits: Holly Hawkins; @hollyhawkinsphoto,
Vince Caligiuri; @vinnycenzo_ig, Fiona Hamilton; @fionahamiltonphoto