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Australian Open 2020: Australia is Open

Australian Open 2020: Australia is Open

Tennis Australia unveiled a show of support to the Australian Tourism industry,
with the Grand Slam re-branding at the Australian Open to ‘Australia is Open’ in 2020.

Due to the recent bushfires, international audiences had seen the news
and believed that much of Australia remained closed for business;
but the majority of Australia’s tourism hotspots were open for business.
The huge international following that the Australian Open attracts made it
the perfect vehicle by which to issue a call for visitors.

Tennis Australia launched the re-branding of the event on court ahead
of Ash Barty’s Semi-Final, where the new logo was unveiled and a video
led by Chris Hemsworth was released explaining the move.
Logos around the Australian Open grounds, digital screens, on-court,
outdoor media, digital assets and even Ticketek badging was updated.

Additionally, players including Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal
and Naomi Osaka had been used across social channels proving
that Australia is indeed open. The tennis stars’ recent experiences playing
and travelling in Australia were used to help highlight
that Australia still remains a wonderful place to visit.

Says Federer, a six-time Australian Open champion during
the globally broadcast event: “I wanted to raise awareness and raise some money.
To tell the people to still come and travel to Australia.”

Says Hemsworth: “There’s only one thing I love more than tennis and that is Australia.”

From selfies with famous wildlife, to beach visits and days or nights
enjoying signature restaurants, the fan favourites made the most of Australia,
one of their favourite destinations on tour.

Australian Open 2020: Australia is Open. Integrated Campaign.