Nicole Scherer

Event, Press, Social, Television

Australian Open 2021

Australian Open 2021

At the Australian Open, just when you think you’ve seen it all,
something unbelievable happens. A comeback is made against all odds,
the seemingly unreachable is reached and a wildcard,
takes down a household name.

Through this campaign we use emotive imagery and language
to get people excited about an event where the impossible doesn’t exist.
We challenge the viewer’s perception of the Australian Open
and invite them to open up to a world of possibility;
a world where amazing things are always just a moment away.

AO21. No Place For Impossible. TVC [30 sec].

AO21 Instagram Story [Barty]

AO21. No Place For Impossible
. Integrated Campaign.

Nicole Scherer (Creative Director),
Tom Opie (Copywriter), Igor Petrusev (Art Director),
Tom Nickeas (Motion Designer), Remy Clarke (Digital Designer),
Nathan Primmer (Director/Producer).