Nicole Scherer

Hybrid Bar

Chocoholics find it impossible to choose between their favourite treats with
over 30 variations of bars
including Crunchie, Picnic, Flake,
Boost, Time Out, Dairy Milk and Turkish Delight, Twirl, Cherry Ripe.

Thanks to the Cadbury Hybrid, they don’t have to.
Cadbury will produce
 the most interesting combinations into brand new Cadbury Hybrid Bars.

How does it work?

Cadbury creates an interactive vending machine offering 2 in 1 chocolate bars divided equally in half.
The machine is mobile, tracked by and app linked to a microsite, and will be placed
in train stations, shopping centres, and so on. Pending on which number combination is entered
and a twist of words, the consumer gets a FlakeOut, TurkishTwirl, CrunchieRipe and so on.