Nicole Scherer

Event, Experiential, Installation, Showcase

Coca-Cola: Taste the Feeling

See the Feeling

Sometimes we take everyday moments for granted which should make our day joyful and special.

Coca-Cola gives us ‘all the feels’ and asked us how does it make us feel?

And it makes us rise up with the cloud and start floating up to the sky. We feel all the colours of
the rainbow come together drinking a Coca-Cola. This simple pleasure will make watching
a rainbow more special and reflect both the functional and emotional.

How does it work?
At shopping centres or FMCG exhibitions we create a rainbow activate by you.
The rainbow will be triggered through light, floor and bottle sensors which 
are linked to two sprinkles,
left and right of the stand. The more people are interacting at the stand and drink a bottle of Coca-Cola,
the stronger the water stream of the sprinklers get, and therefore the bigger and vibrant the rainbow.