Nicole Scherer

Event, Experiential, Installation, Projection, Public Relations, Showcase

National Museum of Australia / Grande Experiences

Connection. Songlines from Australia’s First Peoples.

Nicole Scherer (Visionary/Creative Director/Co-Curator), Ivy Creative & Natalie Vincini (Branding Design & Storytelling),
Simon Burgin, Luke Stable, Rose Staff (Motion & Particle Graphics), Dileepa Solangaarachchi (3D & CGI Animation), Adam Phillips (3D Renders).
Client: Grande Experiences/National Museum of Australia, Curators: Wayne Quilliam & Adam Knight.

Conceptualisation, design, curation and production of a multi-sensory touring
art experience called ‘Connection’ featuring 70+ First Nation artists, including artworks,
photography, music, branding and marketing design, activations, show content and flow,
and directed animations for the immersive content.

Developed in partnership with the National Museum of Australia,
Connection is a spectacular multi-sensory, immersive art experience
celebrating the spirit of Indigenous Australia, exploring the spiritual connections to
Land, Water and Sky through a vibrant and multi-sensory symphony of sound, light, and colour.

Connection. Songlines from Australia’s First Peoples.



Connection. Broadcast.



Live on ABC. Broadcast & Public Relations.



Title Sequence. The Red Earth.


Title Sequence. Rain, River, Ocean.


Title Sequence. The Mirror of the Land.


Connection. Brand Identity & Key Visuals.

Credits: Nicole Scherer (Creative Director), Ivy Creative (Branding Designer).


Connection. Photo Opportunities & Activations.

Credits: Nicole Scherer (Creative Director), Natalie Vincini (Experiential Designer), Adam Phillips (Senior 3D Renderer).



Connection. Photo Gallery.

Photography Credits: Grande Experiences;@grande_experiences,
Wayne Quilliam; @waynequilliam, Adam Knight; @knightfineart