Nicole Scherer

Digital, Installation, Press, Public Relations, Social

Grande Experiences / THE LUME Los Angeles

Street Art Alive. A Journey through the World of Street Art.

Nicole Scherer (Creative Director), Ivy Creative (Branding Design).
Client: Grande Experiences/THE LUME Los Angeles.

Concept development and branding design including social, digital ads,
and posters of a multi-sensory street art experience
that weaves a path through 20 vibrant cities,
including five of the world’s great metropolises, as well as bringing to light
some of the next tier destinations where this cultural phenomenon
has gained global appeal and recognition.

The experience explores the diversity of this movement and the motivations
of the artists featuring over 200 artists from around the world
including D*Face, Blek le Rat, Lady Pink and Nychos, through the four lenses of
Vibrancy, Rejuvenation, Fight For Your Right, and A Fresh Take On History.

Thousands of spectacular and thought-provoking artworks
and moving images lay the foundations for this unforgettable immersive experience,
while music from each location and era creates a true sense of time and place.
This fascinating journey ends when immersive art collides with hard, cold reality as visitors
come face-to-face with original 4.2m (14ft) tall sections of the Berlin Wall!

Street Art Alive. A Journey through the World of Street Art.


Street Art Alive. Integrated Campaign.