Nicole Scherer

Activation, Digital, Experiential, Showcase



Everyone suffers from stress every now and then. Sometimes we find it impossible to relax 
and unwind
in our day-to-day environment, which effects our mood and interpersonal relationships.

What if you could turn negative energy into a positive?

How does it work?
helloworld™ creates interactive stress booths in public 
places called Stress Booth–@#$%&!
where people can inhale and exhale stress. Users can kick, scream and get it all out of their system
in the helloworld™ Stress Booth–@#$%&!.

Their stress levels and activities of the users will be measured through a sensor, sound and motion detecting devices and transmitted to 
a stress-o-meter. Outsiders on the street won‘t hear 
a thing apart from a ‚beep‘. Once they measure 100% stress level, helloworld™ will give them a discount 
on a holiday.