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Play Tennis

Play Tennis – Release The Player Within

Whether you know it or not, there’s a tennis player in each of us, ready to swing into action.
This inner desire can present in many ways, like the battle to swat an elusive fly.
These everyday moments might be trying to tell you something – perhaps it’s time to drop
what you’re doing and put a racquet in your hand.

With Cardio Tennis, Open Court Sessions, ANZ Tennis Hot Shots and more,
tennis is the game for all and it’s calling you to come play.

Play Tennis – Release The Player Within. TVC [30 sec].


Play Tennis – Release The Player Within. Integrated Campaign.

Nicole Scherer (Creative Director),
Tom Opie & Herschel Kissinger (Copywriting,
Igor Petrusev & Lillian Cutts (Art Direction),
Ariel Martin (Director/Airbag), Martin Box (EP of Airbag),
Jess Langley (Producer of KOJO), Benny Capp (Photographer).