Nicole Scherer

Activation, Event, Experiential, Installation, Showcase, Social

Walt Disney: Aladdin (2019)

Wishing Lamp

The magic of the genie’s lamp is synonymous with the Aladdin story and one of the best known fairytale artefacts in the world. The notion of ‘making your wishes come true’ is as relevant today as it was on first release in 1992.

What if we install a working genie lamp in a high traffic area and make fans’ wishes come true.

How does it work?

Our lamp is be 2.5 metres in height, 4 metres in length and we’ll activate this at Fed Square and Circular Quay.

Using the touch technology from smartphones, we’ll design our lamp so it puffs with bright purple smoke when rubbed. The more people rubbing the the lamp at once, the more it’ll puff with smoke.

We’ll also have microphones built into the lamp that will record people’s wishes. We’l the surprise and delight some lucky people with a ‘genie team’ who will grant their wish immediately. We’ll create content of this special moments. We’ll also set up an Aladdin’s Lamp social profile and social listen for ‘wish’ sentiment. Aladdin’s Lamp will respond with funny comments and invite people to visit the Wishing Lamp activation.